Amish: The Modern Muse, Call for Entry

The East Bay Modern Quilt Guild is excited to participate in the upcoming show at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, Amish: The Modern Muse, which will be on display from November 15th until January 3rd in conjunction with the show, Antique Ohio Amish Quilts: The Darwin D. Bearley Collection.

If you are a member of the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild, the South Bay Modern Quilt Guild, or East Bay Modern, you are invited to enter a quilt in this juried show.  To find out more information, see the official Call for Entry.

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Meeting Notes: June

Our long time member, Valerie, has been accepted to grad school on the east coast. The next meeting will be her last one, so please join us for a get together at a local restaurant after the July meeting to see her off!

We have been coordinating with Sue Fox’s studio to establish Sewing Meet-ups for our guild. Her studio is local and set up with multiple cutting and sewing stations, making it an ideal location for our group. You would need to bring your own equipment if you decide to take part in these Sewing Meet-ups. More details to be forthcoming!

The Amish inspired quilt exhibit now has a name! Amish: The Modern Muse. This show continues to generate a lot of interest here. We would like to submit a compilation of mini quilts as one big quilt. If you are interested, mini’s must be presented at the August meeting. They must be 10-12 inches square, be inspired by the Amish, and have the color TEAL in it. We will be determining the best way to hang them at the August meeting. If you cannot make it to the August meeting, contact us and we’ll let you know where to send them!

If you would like to submit a regular quilt to the Amish: The Modern Muse show, the Call for Entries announcement goes live on July 1st. It will have all the information and guidelines you will need to know to submit a quilt for the show.



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Meeting notes: May

East Bay Modern May2014
So sorry that I am writing this so late!

Our meeting was as fun as ever and not much business was discussed. The main announcement was that Joe Cunningham is to be the juror for the Modern Inspired Amish show coming up in October with the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles. There will be an online submission form and all quilts will be juried in person. He believes in jurying for the artistic merit of the quilts, rather than the technical construction. So- if you are new to quilting and nervous of your skills, there is no reason not to enter! Please refer to this post for more information on the Amish show!

We also discussed about creating a compilation of mini quilts to be submitted as one art piece. The mini quilts need to be 10 – 12 inches in size and be Amish inspired. We will hang all the mini quilts together to represent one quilt from our guild. Deadline for the mini quilts is for the August meeting. 

In other news….

Claire did a demonstration at the EBHQ June meet-up. (Again, I’m so sorry to be late posting this for the meeting was last night!!) However, several of our members participate with the EBHQ meet-ups, so I encourage you to check them out!

Stacey is doing two workshops at the end of the month with EBHQ. You can learn techniques from her Improv Confetti quilt and the other on her Improv Split Log Cabin quilts. They are spectacular projects, please check here for more information and to sign up!



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East Bay Modern Quilt Guild Monthly Meeting, April 2014

East Bay Modern Quilt Guild April 2014Terri wasn’t able to make the meeting (we missed you, Terri!) and that means that you’re stuck reading my notes this month!  So that they get posted in a timely manner, I’m keepin’ them short and to the point!  You can see more photos from the night over on our Flickr page.

The Berkeley Public Library is having a miniature quilt show that features one of Claire’s quilts.  You can see it starting May 1 at the Downtown Berkeley Library building on the 2nd floor.

Carol’s sashiko meet up is going gangbusters down in San Jose.  Want to attend?  Check out how here.  Want to start having one closer to the East Bay?  She’d love to start one more locally!  Let her know you’re interested here.

We talked about the possibility of having evening stitch ups.  That’s what I’m calling it:  A stitch up – where you get together and sew, or just hang out.  Kinda like book club, but with needles involved.  I’ll keep you posted on that!

The Vallejo Piecemakers Quilt Guild is holding it’s first ever quilt show this weekend.  Go check it out!  Joel will have 3 quilts in the show!

Heather Ross will be doing a book signing this weekend at Book Passage in SF.  We predict large crowds.

We have so many talented members and two of them have quilts in magazines!  Ann has a quilt in Modern Quilts Unlimited, and Tara has a quilt in Modern Patchwork.

Kim has some new fabric coming out soon, but it may be hush hush, so I won’t say anything else about it!

Carol brought us some of her lovely Pop Rox fabric.  She’s so good to us!  Thank you, Carol!

The Amish Quilt Challenge for the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles is ON!  Check out the details in last month’s meeting notes.

Alison recommended taking part in a project that commemorates the terrible floods that took place in Colorado last year. If you’re interested in finding out more, click the link:

I’ve probably forgotten to add something…I’m out of the habit of taking good notes!  Let me know what’s missing and I’ll add it in!

Want to come to a meeting?  Everyone is welcome!  Find out about our next meeting on our calendar.

PS – You may have noticed that I started adding Instagram feeds on the right side of the page.  If you’re interested in adding yours, and you’ve come to at least two of our meetings,  just leave a comment below and it will be done!


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Meeting Notes: March

What a great fabric swap we had! The leftovers were donated to EBHQ for their charity quilts.

We had a little bit of money left over from Stitch Modern and it was agreed to use that money for the next Stitch Modern in 2015.

The charity quilts for WDDC continue to be assembled by individual members. Quilt backs are being organized. Our goal is to present them to WDDC in June. I think we’ll make it!

Quite a few people are excited to take part in the Amish inspired exhibit hosted by the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles. Submissions are open to members of the four bay area modern quilt guilds, that includes us!

1. Quilts must be inspired by the Amish- no specific time or geographic area. Some images will be provided by SJMQT if you want to be inspired by a specific quilt from their Ohio Amish exhibit that will be going at the same time, however you are not required to be inspired by this exhibit.
2. There is no minimum size for your quilt, but it must be no longer than 104 inches on any one side.
3. There is an entry fee, to be determined.
4. A juror will determine which quilts get to be exhibited. A curator will determine where the quilts get to be displayed.
5. A portion of the quilts to be shown must be for sale. Price will be split 50/50 between maker and museum. You determine the price of your quilt.
6. Quilts will need to be entered by October 1st.

If you don’t think you will have time to make a larger quilt, we hope you will join us in making a mini quilt! Just for our group, we want to submit a compilation of mini quilts to represent a much larger quilt. It must be 10-12 inches square, constructed like a quilt, and is due at the June meeting.

Carol Z. of KimonoMomo will have a booth at a local quilt show next weekend, April 5/6, hosted by the Guild of Quilters of Contra Costa.

Patricia and 2 other artists will be exhibiting their work for the month of May at the Rockridge Library.

Did you know that our host, A Verb for Keeping Warm, also hosts the group called Seam Allowance that focuses on clothes making? They meet on the 2nd Sunday of each month. To check out the calendar for events and classes that the Verb offers, check it out here!


Spring Stash Bust!


Got fabrics that you don’t think you are going to use anymore? I sure do!

Come trade your fabrics at the next meeting!

Tuesday at 6:30, March 25th, at A Verb for Keeping Warm.

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Roderick Kiracofe and Ben Venom at Stitch Modern

Originally posted on The Plaid Portico:

Well, a few weeks back we were treated to am amazing slide show presentation by artist Ben Venom, who “juxtaposes traditional handmade crafts with extreme elements found on the fringes of society” and whose “work can be described as opposing forces colliding at lightening speed”. I have to quote his website since I cannot describe it sufficiently myself.  He is an amazing energetic presenter and we were all entranced and invigorated. Unfortunately I have no pictures!  So you are going to have to click on the image below to get to his website. This is something else.  Color me inspired.

Ben Venom, photo by Margo Moritz

Ben Venom, photo by Margo Moritz

After Ben, we changed courses and were treated to a viewing of a stream of quilts from Roderick Kiracofe’s collection while he discussed them.  I got a photos of a few of them to share with you.  Amazing. Most of them were from…

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Sherri Lynn Wood Improv Round Robin

Peppermint Pinwheels:

A great review of Sherri Lynn Wood’s workshop at Stitch Modern.

Originally posted on The Plaid Portico:

What a fun day we had the last day of the Stitch Modern 0214 show, having an improv quilting workshop with Sherri Lynn Wood in the middle of the exhibition space.  Techniques were taught, but mostly this was about taking ourselves to places we would never go, working on each other’s quilts, collaborative quilting. We worked fast, and mostly silently, without rulers even.  Fears melted away, instinct took over.  One could not have replicated this experience alone in one’s own studio.  Don’t want to give it all away in case one of these comes to an area near you, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Sherri Lynn Wood kicking off the workshop

Sherri Lynn Wood kicking off the workshop

We took over the whole main room of the Stitch Modern Exhibition!

We took over the whole main room of the Stitch Modern Exhibition!


As the day came to an end our improv quilts started getting a bit bigger, and one could find many a quilter laying the…

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Pop Rox, Carol van Zandt’s New Fabric Line, Part Two + Giveaway

Peppermint Pinwheels:

An interview with East Bay Modern’s Carol Van Zandt!

Originally posted on :

Welcome back to Part Two of my interview with fabric designer, Carol van Zandt.

While doing a bit of homework on Carol, I learned that she sewed clothing as a child, and later created home decor. Designing fabric inspired her to make her own quilts.  Here’s a bit about her personal quilting experience.

Are you also a quiltmaker? If so, what style of quilts do you enjoy making?

Carol van Zandt's first quilt.

Carol van Zandt’s first quilt.

I just started quiltmaking in the last eighteen months, inspired by all the people I have met making projects with my fabric.  A trip to an East Bay Modern Quilt Guild meeting tipped me over the edge. I was blown away by the work they were doing. It just hit my sweet spot design wise.  I am inspired to do more improvisational quilting and, though I sometimes plan a basic type of composition with a sketch, I…

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Meeting notes: Feb 2014

Stitch Modern was a huge success! Thank you everybody who participated and made it so wonderful. We had a great turn-out at all of the events and got lots of positive feedback about what a great show we had. Stacey and Birgit, as usual, kept the ball rolling and on track for the entire time so we presented them with a small handmade bag, booze and chocolates! Thanks again, ladies!

One last thing to take care of from Stitch Modern are the charity quilts for WDDC. So many wonderful blocks were made that we will be able to complete two twin sized quilts for them. TWO! How exciting! We are in the works of scheduling a sew day at the library to help finish them. If you would like to help in any way, stay tuned!

The four modern quilt guilds in the area (East Bay, Bay Area, North Bay and South Bay Area) have been invited by the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles to strut their stuff by making quilts inspired by the upcoming exhibit, Antique Ohio Amish Quilts from the Darwin Bearley Collection. Quilts will need to be finished by November and be inspired by the Amish quilts in the collection. More details to follow!

Mark your calendars! We are holding a Spring Stash Cleaning during our next meeting in March. If you have fabric in your stash that you just don’t think you will use, bring it to the meeting! And, perhaps you will find something else to take home!

What a great show and tell we had! Lots of new faces and inspiring projects! I hope to see everyone at the next meeting!

EBMQG - Feb 2014 Meeting

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